Meet, Soaq.

Clean all your essentials

Down to the Atomic Level

In Just Five Minutes

Clean With Sound.

Promoting advanced hygiene and wellness, the Soaq ultrasonic cleaner is the quickest and most efficient way to clean your small personal items at home.

Clean Everything


Retainers, aligners, dentures and toothbrushes


Diamonds, rubies, saphires and any non-porous jewelry

Cosmetic Tools

Tweezers, razors, shaver heads and makeup brushes

Easy & Efficient Cleaning 🧼

Just 5 minutes and the touch of a button

Looks Good Everywhere ✨

Sleek and stylish, designed to look good enough to leave on your counter and small enough to easily fit in your draw

Ready for On-The-Go ✈️

Easy to pack and hassle free for all your travels

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This works beautifully!

Using this to clean jewelry and it's fast, easy and jewelry sparkles SO brightly, as if it were brand new! So glad I got this!!!

— Barrbnovo

Easy and Effective

I bought this for my Invisalign trays but also use to clean my jewelry. Super easy to use & works well.

— Tchristine

Great Little Cleaner

I love it! its so small and cute but so powerful. DId a great job on my jewelry! This little jewelry cleaner really packs a punch.

— Tina S